We celebrate natural, healthy, mindful wellbeing from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. Our hydro treatments let you literally float into a healthier, happier you — and will make you feel on top of the world. From our unique float pod to the luxurious vichy shower and steam room – we have all of your water therapy needs covered.


Leave your troubles at the door and check in for a session in our Float Pod for an experience you’ll never forget. But be warned – one hour spent relaxing like never before can prove seriously addictive and you might just have to book again! Floatation is more than merely an incredible experience. Benefits include: intense relaxation, arthritis relief, endorphin release, detoxification, increased circulation and energy, improved concentration, stress and anxiety relief, heightened creativity, elevated imagination and thorough rest, considered more powerful than a deep sleep. Floating takes the pressure off your muscles, joints and bones. As for your mind, well that can wander wherever it chooses… hopefully to a luscious forest for an hour or two! If you haven’t floated aimlessly in a large pod of water for prolonged periods before – have a chat to us about the treatment and whether or not it is the perfect one for you. We can answer any questions and have you floating into the 5th dimension.
* allow 75 minutes for total treatment

Dream Steam

PRICE: $39 | DURATION: 15 - 30 MIN
Things are getting steamy, and your muscles will thank you for it. Pondering life in our steam room on your own or with friends is the perfect way to detox your body, clear your mind and open your pores – this helps refresh your outlook on life. Consider it a meditation, as you’ll find it’s too hot and steamy to think about anything else other than being purely present.
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