A: Not much, we have hair dryers, make up, skin care, robes, disposable undies, and refreshments.

A: At least 15 minutes prior for 2 very good reasons. 1, it doesn’t make sense to race in and then try to relax. 2, because there are so many bright and shiny things to look at in our gift store.

A: We prefer not. Only because we really get that some mums are visiting us without their bubs and can’t relax if someone else’s bubbies are trying out for the opera. We will however in the near future be orchestrating a mums-n-bubs spa day twice a month for you to also enjoy spa life without having to Uber your baby around the neighbourhood for 2 hours while you get pampered.

A: Well, interesting that you ask. We do indeed. We have a little cosy cove inside the spa just big enough for two. Or a beautiful alfresco deck out the back of the spa where you can relax after your treatment.

A: Sure, our rent is free, said no one ever. We really, really appreciate that the only reason you have cancelled on the day is because you developed a serious case of chicken pox the night before and are in quarantine.

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