Put your best face forward, or even….. just the one you have on your shoulders! Whether your headshot is perfection or needs some affection, visit us today!


    Take me on a Journey

    Elevate Signature Facial
    2 hours – $290


    Allow me to introduce ‘our signature facial’ encompasing pure indulgence! Imagine starting a facial with a relaxing back massage soothing away aching muscles, before drifting off into a facial that plumps, enriches and nourishes your skin with active phytonutrients using Waterlily’s Signature Seasonal Facial. During this indulgent mind and body escape, we soak your feet, lather on a nourishing Orange Crème hair treatment. Whilst you are off with the fairies, we massage all your gorgeous limbs, wringing out any stress that may be lingering around. This beautiful experience will take you on a sensorial journey feeling like you’ve spent the entire day at the spa with visible plumping results.

    You need this if: You desperately need a ‘vacay’ but can’t get away!



    Luxury Escape
    90 min – $200


    This deeply relaxing facial starts with a soothing anti-ageing eye treatment using porcelain spoons to massage and revitalise tired, puffy eyes. If you have congested sinus, suffer from headaches or need some rejuvenation on your gentle eye area, this will certainly work! This deeply rejuvenating Waterlily Youth Elixir facial is rich in potent omega oils, molten nut butters, anti-ageing vitamins, antioxidants and precious floral concentrates, bringing your face and body back to life! Oh, I almost forgot to mention that your tired feet receive a warming massage treat!

    You need this if: You feel like your face is falling off and you really need to unwind your body at the same time!


    Back to Front Radiance
    90 min – $190


    If you are yet to discover the magical sensation of a back facial, this will blow your socks off! This back facial feels amazing, exfoliating, massaging and hydrating every inch of your back and way before your time is up, we start again, repeating the same amazing treatment on your beaming face with an Apple Collagen Facial. A skin plumping treatment drawing on pure organic apples to redefine skin surface for glowing radiance. An exotic blend of fruit enzymes, silk peptides and marine collagen deliver a firmer and luminous complexion.  This facial offers great exfoliation for those hard to reach places whilst hydrating and nourishing your face with instant visible results.

    You need this if: You live alone and your pets won’t scrub your back, or you just want to feel amazing! 


    Lime Caviar + Vit C Seasonal Bliss
    75 min – $160



    This facial is in a league of it’s own, taking on the shape of our ever changing environment. We believe in staying present and this gives you a great opportunity to indulge in the now. Harnessing the healing power of this restorative facial, lime caviar and vitamin C, rich in anti-oxidants all layered underneath a nutrient rich mineral masque to deeply hydrate, brighten and firm.

    You need this if:  You love the skin you’re in and want to enjoy ingredients that nature has to offer! 



    I feel 3,000 years old

    Take me back to my Youth
    90 min – $250


    This incredible Synergie Facial is 90 minutes of balancing and replenishing your skin using a custom peel, LED light therapy and Pure Vitamin Infusion to reverse signs of visible ageing, pigmentation, scarring and uneven skin tone. If results are what you need and relaxing is what you want, we custom each part of this highly effective treatment, with a little pamper too!

    You need this if: You want to consider serious repair, serious care and be radiant, once again! 


    The Works
    60 min – $170


    During this amazing Synergie facial, we apply a gentle enzyme peel to help slough off dead skin and combat fine lines, a vitamin infusion and galvanic techniques that bring your skin back to life by helping us push these products deep into the skin. Finishing off with Synergie’s MasquErase, a potent blend of active ingredients including intense hydrators, marine phycosaccharides, niacinamide and Canadian Willow Herb. We also never let you walk out without a little pampering & massage!

    You need this if: You want to experience our epic techniques, feel relaxed and have lasting, visible results. 


    Collagen Induction Therapy
    75 min – $380


    Skin needling has endless benefits! Collagen induction therapy is for you if you would like to experience younger looking skin, reduce pore size, break down pigmentation appearance and say toodles to fine lines, scarring and broken capillaries. We promise it’s not scary at all, despite the name. From the very first treatment, the results are outstanding.

    You need this if: You just need this! It’s natural, brilliant and healthier than unnatural substances, giving you strong, healthy and radiant skin. 


    Glow + Go LED
    30 min – $80


    Desperate for optimum skin health and glow, but always on the go? This ‘lunch time’ treatment, especially done as a treatment package, gives you unreal results. Nothing penetrates deeper into the skin than light does. Amazing for disappearing acne, fine lines and wrinkles. Think of this as your weekly skin workout. This mini facial is short but packs a punch. Worth every penny!

    You need this if: You are in a hurry, have skin issues or have great skin but looking for that something extra to keep it that way. 

    * Buy a package of 5 and receive one complimentary!  Thats an $80 saving! Why wouldn’t you…




    Peel Away The Years
    30 min – $400


    We love Peels but know that no two Peels are created equally. Synergie Skin has intelligent formulas that breakdown pigmentation, stop and prevent breakout, minimise fine lines and wrinkles and support collagen production. Done in a course of 6 two weeks apart will give you a whole new level of healthy skin. We customise your course of Peel so that you can grow in Peel strength within your package.

    You need this if: Your skin needs a change and you want the most bang for your buck. If you have breakout and “tried everything” or simply want strong, healthy and glowing skin. 

    * Buy a package of 5 and receive one complimentary Peel.  



    I need balance

    I’m a Classic Lass
    60 min – $120


    A skin plumping facial drawing on pure organic apples to refine the skin’s surface for glowing radiance. An exotic blend of fruit enzymes, silk peptides and marine collagen deliver a firmer and more luminous complexion.

    You need this if: You really aren’t sure where to start or even how you got here!


    Something’s not Right
    75 min – $145


    Something has gone wrong, or doesn’t feel quite right. Redness, acne, dull or tired looking skin, something bumpy, something eeek… not even sure what that is? We’ve got you covered!

    You need this if: Something doesn’t look, feel or seem right on your delicious face!


    45 – 60 min – $100


    You’re having a skin crisis? We’ve all been there, we know it totally sucks! We’ve got you covered! This is a facial with serious results – no unnecessary ‘fluffy stuff’. A few regular appointments will ensure clear skin and no more grey days!

    You need this if: You have a face you wish you could leave at home sometimes, acne just came a knockin’… relax, we’ve got you covered!



    add these to your already sensational treatment

    Divine Foot Treatment – $30

    Allow your mind to wonder while you enjoy every minute of this barefoot Spearmint, Gingko and Bamboo foot exfoliation and massage.

    You need this if: You absolutely cannot live without your feet being massage. Total Heaven! 


    Champagne Back Exfoliation – $60

    Adding this delightful back scrub to your facial means you walk away feeling like you had a little day spa package, and your back feels soft and smooth.

    You need this if: Nobody at home gives you a back scrub, lets face it, you cannot reach that far back on your own! 



    Orange Créme Hair Treatment – $30

    Whoa! I can have my hair soaked in a luxuriously hydrating orange créme while I have my facial?!? Indeed! Sublime! Leave this one in for as long as you can!

    You need this if: Your locks are looking more like drab than fab! 



    LED Light Therapy  – $60

    This isn’t your conventional therapy per say, but I do believe it changes things! If you haven’t heard the buzz around town yet, this superb technology transforms your skin, allowing deep healing and firing.

    You need this if: Light Therapy is like the icing on a delicious cake! It just makes sense! 


    Dream Steam Session   – $30

    Get all sweaty-betty in our stunning steam room, loosen up, open your pores and soften tired aching muscles before we create some magic on your face and body! Perfect before a massage, allowing us to get deeper into the muscles, allowing maximum benefits from your massage.

    You need this if: You feel like a tired, old pretzel or simple want to detox a little.  



    Soothing Eye Contour Treatment – $60

    An extremely soothing eye contour treatment is an amazing addition to your facial. Smoothing away fine lines, puffiness, dark circles and sinus congestion by massaging in vitamin infusions serums, masks and cremes with cold porcelain spoons. The cold and warm sensations of this treatment calms the nervous system and eases tension.

    You need this if: You carry the world…. in your forehead and as a result, have too many fine lines around the eyes.