Elevate Wellness Hub is all about connection; with your mind, your body and with other like-minded humans.

Our passionate approach to holistic wellbeing and wholeness drives us to help you learn and grow in health, all whilst you relax and recalibrate. Offering a range of treatments, from indulgent spa packages, health coaching, mindful living, naturopathy and everything in between, using only natural, organic and active products wherever we can — Elevate is the centre of abundant health and wellness on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Elevate Hub was established in 2016 by Bernie in order to lead the way for change in the health and beauty industry. “My mission is to create a ripple effect of wholesome goodness and connection with each person we encounter so that they leave they have a positive effect on everyone around them”. This is no average day spa, not by a mile! We have mindfully created the most delightful hub to cater to the whole you and partner with you on your own personal journey to enhanced health and that irresistible zest for life. Beyond the typical spa package and five-star treatments we cannot wait to lavish upon you, we offer Yoga classes, wellness advice, nutritional education and special beauty events and courses.

Elevate Wellness Hub is here to skyrocket as an industry leader, taking wellness to an exciting and holistic new place.

We cannot wait to meet you and set you on your path to new and magical heights! Come in for a treatment to find out more about Elevate Hub.

And always stay curious…


We’re always looking for exceptional women to join our team. If you think you’d be a great fit for Elevate, send us a message using our contact form.

Please send a detailed cover letter about who you are, what you have to offer in the health and beauty industry and why you think you would be a great fit for the Elevate team and I look forward to connecting with you.


Bernie is the Founder of Elevate Hub - wanting to create a space where a team of people would be happy and thriving at work as well as a happier local community. Bernie didn’t realise Elevate Hub would be as successful as it has been in making people feel so good they are willing to travel far and wide. Bernie’s interests and passion lies with cosmetic tattooing and is steering her own career toward doing this full time. She spends her time running a few different businesses as well as training in beauty and cosmetic tattooing. A very busy bee!


Anita passion shines through with her extensive knowledge about self care, the body and mind. Her trusting spirit and love for making people feel grounded are so obvious when you walk out of her treatment room. Anita has a gentle approach to beauty and wellness and has a great following.


Bec’s passion for skin and body health is evident when it comes to sharing her knowledge. Bec also has a talent and passion for Brows, being a cosmetic tattoo artist and beauty therapist gives her an immaculate sense of perfection when it comes to brows and skin. Bec is so dedicated to giving her spa guests the perfect solutions to skin and health concerns.


Belinda is a beautiful therapist that is really passionate about health and wellness, sharing her well-rounded knowledge with spa guests really is something that lights her up. Her treatments are encompassed with knowledge, deep care and dedication.


Franca was Elevate’s first ever team member. Her sweet nature and dedication for spa guest satisfaction is next level. She really cares about guests and the team and is always smiling from ear to ear. Her love and passion really shines through when Franca is in the treatment rooms.


As you can tell by her face, Jas is all smiles and laughs, we don’t go a day without hearing her laughing at Elevate hub. Jas has a wealth of knowledge having been in the industry for many years and takes skin health to the next level by supporting where you are at in life. Her dedication for the beauty industry is so apparent with her treatments no matter what they are.


Marlene headed straight for Elevate Hub after finishing her Beauty Diploma and is soaring in no time. Her incredibly touch and beautiful manner is just the kind of recipe for all things beauty. Her spa guests always give her raving reviews and can’t wait to book back in with her. We think this has something to do with her French flare!


Sarina is a newly qualified nutritionist and lives at our reception area. Sarina is so graceful and living and always so happy to provide the best spa guest experience. We are grateful to have Sarina as the smiling face you see when you walk into Elevate Hub.


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