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We believe that Yoga and Meditation are an essential key to healthcare. We have a wellness outlook. An approach to healthcare that emphasises preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasising treating diseases. We have built Elevate to be a central hub of all wellness – for the body, mind and soul – which is why we offer a range of wellness services.

energy reading | healing

energy reading | healing

As an Energy Reader / Healer, Christine is effective in accessing unconscious information sourced through the vibrational energy patterning of an individual. Using psychometry, clairvoyance, divination cards and chakra reading, the individual gains a new awareness, not only of future possibilities and solutions to present issues, but deeper understandings within their own character. This is a very insightful experience. It could be more appropriately described as therapy through divination. Christine’s calm, serene presence encourages a nurturing, open and honest exchange with those who seek her help.


For further information please call or visit:

www.intomesee.com.au or www.intomesee.ntpages.com.au or 0424338602

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I am a qualified, passionate and attentive Naturopath with the highest level of a Naturopathic Degree. Since graduating in 2010, I worked as a trained Colon Hydrotherapist and Naturopath for 4.5yrs where my passion for treating ‘the gut’ developed. I gained an abundance of knowledge through being in contact with such a diverse group of clients in a very intimate environment.

Naturopathy encompasses all aspects of health. The beauty of Naturopathy is that your body tells a story when looking at your current symptoms as well as your emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, genetic and social factors.

Gathering all of this information allows me to have a birds eye view of the whole you. For this reason, you will benefit hugely from a session as it is personally designed just for you.

I strive to work with the greater public, whether it’s as simple as treating the common cold, to working with complex health conditions that have many layers.

“ I want to create an environment where people feel completely at ease, to feel that they can share their every thought without feeling judged or pressured. Everyone has a story to tell and sometimes all we need is an understanding ear”.

I look forward to meeting you and assisting you with your health journey. Freedom of health is available to us all with the right support and care.

Michelle Worth
Naturopath BHSc
0402 437 355

Private Health Insurance rebates apply

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group grounding

group grounding

Meditation is a way for nourishing and blossoming the divinity within you.” – Amit Ray

At Elevate, we realise that everyone meditates differently, as it is a very personal journey. Some like to call it relaxation, feeling grounded or mindfulness. Our regular classes encourage spiritual growth and nurture the development of self-love and actualisation. Visit our group sessions to elevate your wellbeing and contribute positively to the energy of the world. We would love to assist in facilitating your wellness journey to a happier, healthier you!

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reiki + kinesiology

reiki + kinesiology

Reiki is a Japanese alternative treatment that utilises the concept of ‘universal energy’ harnessed by hands-on and palm healing. It is through the gentle touch from our dedicated and caring practitioners that we nurture and look after you in a tranquil environment so you walk out rejuvenated.

Come and visit our beautiful team of people that have taken the responsibility of sharing their gift of touch, and check out whether this technique is perfect for your needs.

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yoga + pilates

yoga + pilates

Yoga is an incredibly profound physical, mental and spiritual practice that promotes discipline, strength and healing. The health benefits (both body and mind) of frequent meditation and movement cannot be understated, and busy lives call for a moment to breathe, reflect and be present.

Are you looking for a small and exclusive yoga class? Well, you’re in luck! Enjoy an early morning yoga session, followed by any treatment in the spa that you need. Then grab a coffee or green tea and head out into the world feeling refreshed, balanced and whole.

Cathy Carr’s Yoga Class:

Cathy Carr is a local business owner, Holistic Lifestyle & Movement Coach, Yoga Practitioner and mother of 2 teenage boys.   Cathy has 24 years’ experience in the health, wellness and fitness industry and the knowledge Cathy brings from her work as a CHEK trained professional and years of wisdom gained through experience provide for a holistic approach to her yoga classes. Cathy learnt traditional Hatha & Ashtanga yoga at an ashram in India and then went on to do her Advanced teachings through Byron Yoga.   She has also studied Kids Yoga and Kids Yoga Therapy.  Cathy’s classes are authentically designed, congruent with the seasons, working on specific organs and elements. Each class is concluded beautifully with meditation. Cathy encourages a personal ownership over the practice that is free from expectation, judgment and pain. There is a sense of security that comes with Cathy’s comprehensive understanding of what constitutes optimal health and wellbeing.  Cathy’s passion for living a healthy and balanced lifestyle is genuine, infectious and real as she leads by the example of her teachings. In her spare time, she loves to do art, creating mandalas & healing oracles – a creative expression of the soul.

WEDNESDAYS – 9:30 AM  CLASSES ARE $25 PER CLASS (75 min Class)         Book via phone and text:   0410 761 813   or alternatively email me:  cathy@placeofchi.com


Melissa Turnock’s Yoga Class:
This class is designed for lovers of movement, meditation and breathwork, utilising the Yoga asana, Pilates stability principles, pranayama and meditation techniques for a well rounded weekly 90 minute class. Over the term you will be introduced to a balanced movement experience that strengthens, stretches and focuses your body and mind on the moment now. A variety of breathing and relaxation techniques will be utilised and all classes will offer a combination of Pilates and Yoga fundamentals and exercises or poses.

The class is aimed at the student seeking a balance of movement experience and meditation, and is ideally suited to those who already have some Yoga and/or Pilates experience, beginners are requested to complete at least two private sessions with Melissa before commencement of the course, in order to maximise your understanding and enjoyment.
All participants will be asked to disclose any injuries or relevant history prior to the class to ensure Melissa understands the students needs and can modify any movement activities accordingly and safely.
Mel’s class runs during the NSW school terms on Tuesdays from 9.00 – 10.30.

Prepay for the full school term, 10 classes for $230, or there are casual spaces available during this term at $25.00 per class.

Bookings at www.pittwaterpilates.com.au or here in the Elevate website.


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