Anyone who’s been greeted by Fiona at our reception would sense her open-hearted way of being, so it’s no surprise she’s openly sharing her story in the hope that it strikes a cord with anyone that has a pull to increase their wellness awareness.

I’m at my four month mark as the Spa Co-ordinator at Elevate Hub and reflecting on how working at Elevate has enhanced my wellness path in recovery from breast cancer.

I love all things wellness!  I even love the word wellness – it stirs up the image of a ‘wealth of health’, an endless ‘wishing well’.  It even sounds restful and calming (especially in comparison to ‘sickness’ – ‘ick’ – such a harsh little syllable!).  But, as like most people, sickness was the lense through which I saw the world for many a year.  I ‘battled’ this and that both physically, emotionally, psychologically, and felt pretty dam sorry for myself at times.  Rarely did I think of these challenges as a ‘call’ to wellness, to look at my part in the ‘ick’ of life and to notice that ‘ick’ has a familiar friend, it’s usually accompanied by it’s mate ‘knock’.  At first ‘knock’ was polite and gentle, but as I wove my way through life she became louder and less subtle until one day she kicked my ‘frickin’ door down and in entered the ‘new girl in town’ – the Big ‘C’.

Yes it was cancer, but that’s not the Big ‘C’ I’m referring to (that had been sneaking in the door gradually for years).  The Big ‘C’ that stormed in was Ms CALL TO ATTENTION!  “What kind of life are you creating for yourself here, she screamed.  I’ve been sending you so many messages over the years, don’t you get them.  I tried to be subtle but you didn’t listen so here it is and listen up girly. Slow down, stress less, nourish your body, love it not loath it, quit the driving and the striving, be in the moment, wake up to ‘this’ life not your thought driven one with all its fantasies and failings”.  Super cliché (rolling my eyes).  But there’s a reason you hear this over and over from those that get this ‘call’ – it’s so, so incredibly powerful.

Unfortunately for me such a call didn’t bring with it instant magical clarity on how one should go about things, especially with breast cancer in the mix.  But it became clear the message of the call was simple and encapsulated in one concept – wellness.  All things wellness.  Just being mindful each moment of the wellness choices I make (and don’t ignore the knocking, however gentle – it’s a message from your intuition – or ‘inner’-tuition as I love to call it).

One of the biggest wellness choices was, what to do beyond cancer?  Was returning to counselling a wellness choice at this point – err no.  So what?  So, without my usual move-n-shake ’em, drive and strive to make sh#t happen I sat back, (fairly impatiently I must admit), and waited till it presented itself to me.  And boy was it especially WELL.

So today as I reflect on my amazing role of Spa Co-ordinator at Elevate, I almost can’t believe how immersed in wellness I find myself at ‘work’.  Meditative yoga on the deck, floating in the pod, dream steaming, organic and clean products to use, healing massage and heavenly facials, nutritious spa cuisine and curative teas, naturopathy and inner coaching on hand to guide some tricky choices, a tribe of beautiful strong woman and an amazing role model in my boss that believes in nurturing her staff with pampering and sustenance (belly ache laughing).

Yes, perhaps another typical ‘journey’ cliché but it’s just so true – I’m so blessed. The Big C brought so many gifts – a place at Elevate one of its super special ones.  I have an abundance of wellness in my life and for the days that are not so wonderful, I have found a beautiful healing space to be nurtured, to ‘Elevate’ me!

Fiona – Spa Co-ordinator, Elevate Hub

…… For anyone post breast cancer, Fiona will soon be co-ordinating a wellness day at Elevate of connection and pampering.  Please give her a call and register your interest on 9979 7150.

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