Light Therapy…Not your average facial!

When I first started working at Elevate I was so excited to hear we had the Healite treatment. I couldn’t wait to get under the light myself and see if I too would look younger and glow!

I had heard a while back about the benefits of LED rejuvenation. Renowned for all things healing and repairing whether it be acne, scarring or other skin conditions. I was even aware that sometimes light machines had been used in hospitals for burns victims to help with their recovery as well for people suffering with severe migraines and back pain.

I was so looking forward to seeing what it could do for me. I couldn’t wait for the possibility of improving the deeper layers of my skin which would boost all that collagen and elastin. I am all about anti-ageing and hopefully this is the answer to minimise those fine lines and wrinkles!

My Treatment

 This is a facial that seemed to have it all. After cleansing my face, I had a lactic peel which deeply exfoliated my skin in preparation for the light. Then I could feel the warmth of the Healite over my face. It was so relaxing I nearly fell asleep. It was followed by a glorious massage and masque, finishing up with a moisturiser and eye serum.

Sometimes with a facial I have walked out feeling great but not noticing that much of a result after. With the light therapy facial my skin felt amazing but I also noticed the next day I really did see a difference. My skin looked more refined and brighter. I definitely am going to do a course of them (maybe fortnightly) so hopefully I will see an even bigger improvement when I do a series of them.

I definitely recommend trying one and seeing the results for yourself.


Try our Take Me Back to My Youth facial – 90 minutes $250


LED Light Treatment on its own – 30 minutes – $80 or a course of 6 with 1 complimentary.


I will keep you posted on my future results!

Michelle x

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