Putting your 'future self' at the forefront of your wellness journey

elevate your wellness journey

Mindfully redesigning the connection between health, wellness and beauty in our Wellness Hub, catering to the whole you and partnering with you on your own personal journey to enhanced health. Using only organic, natural or clean products with no compromise on efficacy and quality. Look forward to indulging in self care and nurturing your future self.

are you ready to be whisked away
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You only have one body, so treat it extra kind, by enjoying one of our luxurious day spa treatments designed to rejuvenate your soul and reclaim your mojo. Elevate Hub combines the most luxurious spa with wellness - the perfect combo. Our custom built Day Spa in Mona Vale has been created to cocoon you in the feeling of absolute comfort. Whether it's a massage treatment, a float pod session, facial or body scrub or waxing - you'll experience absolute bliss during our treatments! We've designed Elevate Hub to be a nourishing retreat from daily life - we look forward to seeing you here!


The ever passionate Bernie is a specialist in creating natural looking brows using either digital machine method or microblading technique (also called feathering, feather touch, feather stroke, 3D Brows, Eye Couture, Ombré).  Eyebrows frame your face and give your eyes & face definition. So if you've fallen victim to '90’s
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Put your best face forward, or even..... just the one you have on your shoulders! Whether your headshot is perfection or needs some affection, visit us today!
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We've got treatment packages that speak to your senses. Massage, Scrubs, Wraps - you name it, we've got it. From plucking and primping to pampering and pedicures, we've got the perfect wellness treatment just for you. All our packages can be done solo too... 
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